Claudia van Vliet

How it all began…..

Hi, my name is Claudia van Vliet. I am happily married, regrettably not a mom, but a happy mom for my two lovely dogs, moreover a studied Interior Architect, a passionate Jewellery Designer and founder of my Jewellery Brand

» Claudia van Vliet «

It was about in the beginning of my 40ies my career as an Interior Architect was very successful as a re-emerging disease interrupted my career. So, from one moment to the next I had to decide what is more important to me.

My favorite guiding-text «omnia tempus habent» – there is a time for everything» has accompanied me through this since then. Leave the old behind and start something new.

At least I want to enchant you into the world of new design, coolness, minimalism and the joy of wearing imaginative, inventive and inspiring Jewellery.